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Office of Well-being

Well-being is a broad term that can be defined as a state characterized by health, happiness, and prosperity. With the vision of a healthy, flourishing, and fulfilled UMMC community, a culture of wellness, efficiency of practice and personal resilience form the framework through which our Office works to promote a culture of well-being at UMMC. This includes a work environment that values and promotes health and well-being for all team members through workplace health programs, policies, benefits, and environmental supports; processes and practices that promote positive employee and learner experiences; and supporting individual skills, behaviors, and attitudes that contribute to physical, emotional, and professional well-being, including burnout prevention.

Well-being is born out of connectedness which can be difficult to build and maintain in a large organization. However, in an organization whose mission is to provide quality care to our patients, connectedness is paramount to this endeavor. Connectedness provides a personal sense of safety, builds highly functioning teams, and creates a meaningful relationship with patients so the loop is closed and everyone experiences well-being from connection. 

Social connectedness is a key component of well-being. An organizational culture that is engaging and supportive helps provide a sense of meaning and purpose in one’s work, and creates a venue where personal and professional growth are fostered. For these reasons, the Office has a strategic commitment to working with partners across the Medical Center to ensure that our organizational culture promotes connectedness and communicates positive regard for all members of our community.

About Us

The Office of Well-being opened in July 2018 to create a UMMC community where all members feel valued and experience well-being.

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Programming focuses on promoting healthy lifestyles in addition to spiritual, financial, emotional, and professional wellness.

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We offer a variety of resources to promote professional well-being among clinical faculty and staff and to address the issue of burnout.

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