Liver Transplant

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Liver Transplant Team

The liver transplant team at UMMC is dedicated to the care of patients receiving a transplanted liver. Each person on our team plays a vital role in providing patients and families with expertise, knowledge, and understanding.

Team members

  • Transplant hepatologists
    These physicians are gastroenterologists who specialize in the care and management of liver transplant recipients and participate in liver transplant candidate evaluations.
  • Transplant surgeons
    Our transplant surgeons specialize in abdominal and vascular surgery. These providers perform the liver transplant surgery and manage the recipient’s care for the first six months following transplant.  
  • Nurse practitioners
    These nurses have a master’s level education as well as liver transplant training and expertise. They help guide patients through the evaluation process and manage post-surgical care.
  • Transplant psychologist
    A transplant psychologist works with the patient, their family, and the transplant team to identify potential behavioral health barriers to post-transplant success with the ultimate goal of imprint patient candidacy.
  • Nurse coordinators
    These nurses organize all aspects of patient care provided before and after the transplant. They provide patient education and coordinate diagnostic testing and follow-up care.
  • Social workers
    Transplant social workers help patients and families deal with many issues that may arise, including lodging, transportation, finances, and legal issues.
  • Financial coordinators
    We have financial experts on our team with extensive experience working with transplant patients. The financial coordinator will clarify the financial aspects of transplant surgery.
  • Pharmacists
    Dedicated pharmacists with extensive experience working with transplant patient medications will monitor medications while patients are in the hospital and at clinic visits.
  • Dietitians
    Our dietitians help manage nutrition before and after organ transplantation. The dietitian can help with any special dietary instructions or diets to manage coexisting medical complications such as diabetes, high blood pressure, or high cholesterol.
  • Primary care physician
    A transplant patient's primary care physician and primary referring nephrologist are a critical part of the transplant team. Patients need to maintain a relationship with their primary care physicians and nephrologists since they will be a vital part of general care. The transplant specialist, nephrologist, and primary care physician will work together to provide continuing care after transplantation.
  • Other team members
    Our staff includes medical professionals who evaluate patients before transplantation and make recommendations to the team. These team members include anesthesiologists, hematologists, infectious disease specialists, and others.