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Volunteer Agreement

If accepted into the University of Mississippi Medical Center Volunteer Program, I agree to the following:

  • Hold as absolutely confidential all information that I may obtain directly or indirectly concerning patients and staff and not seek to obtain confidential information from a patient. Under NO circumstances can pictures/videos be made of patients and NO posting of patient information on social media.
  • Become familiar with and follow the hospital’s policies and procedures.
  • Patient safety and quality are UMMC’s top priority and as a volunteer, I understand that I can play an integral part by providing suggestions or ideas to improve Patient Safety or Quality of Care to my volunteer coordinator and/or to the Director of Volunteer Services.
  • Commit to volunteer for one 3 hour shift per week for at least 3 months.
  • Donate my services to the hospital with no expectation of compensation or future employment.
  • Be punctual and dependable, conducting myself with dignity, courtesy and consideration of others.
  • Wear the volunteer uniform and nametag and maintain a well-groomed appearance while on duty.
  • Carry out assignments and take any problems, criticism or suggestions to the volunteer program coordinator or the Director of Volunteer Services.
  • Agree not to leave my assigned area without permission from my on-site supervisor or enter restricted rooms or areas of the hospital where I am not assigned.
  • Work only when and where scheduled. If a change in my schedule is needed or desired, I will notify the volunteer coordinator or the Director of Volunteer Services.
  • Follow the department’s time card procedures and dress code.
  • Notify the Volunteer Services office (984-2068), IN ADVANCE, if unable to come to work as scheduled.

I understand that the Volunteer Services Department reserves the right to terminate my volunteer status as a result of:

  • failure to comply with organizational policies, rules and regulations;
  • absences without prior notification;
  • excess absences;
  • unsatisfactory attitude, work or appearance; or
  • any other circumstances which in the judgment of the department director or program coordinator would make my continued service as a volunteer contrary to the best interest of the hospital.
I have read each of the above conditions and I agree to abide by them.

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