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Healing Arts Program

Creative and performing arts in hospitals and health care settings facilitate a supportive, healing environment for patients, families, and caregivers. Creative interaction is linked with reduced stress and anxiety, and other positive outcomes in overall health.

Using the arts to promote healing

At UMMC, the Healing Arts program gives patients and their families an emotionally and culturally fulfilling experience aimed at speeding the healing process. It also enriches staff well-being. Through our healing arts activities, we promote a healing environment that will:

  • Inspire and motivate patients and staff.
  • Forge deeper connections between patients and staff as they share creative experiences.
  • Engage the broader community through collaboration with participating artists.

A range of creative expression

Performers in the Healing Arts program come from all walks of life, including both professional artists and hobbyists. UMMC employees are frequent performers.

Past presentations have covered a wide range of creative expression. Dancers, magicians, storytellers, caricaturists, puppeteers, vocalists, musicians, and choirs are just a few of the artists who have contributed their talent to support healing at UMMC. A few of our guest artists have included:

  • Ballet Magnificat
  • Ballet Mississippi
  • Belhaven Dance
  • Intersect Dance Collective
  • David Jackson (caricaturist)
  • Kinetic Etching Dance Group
  • Dorian Le Chance (magician)
  • Johnny Lowe (puppeteer)
  • Mary Beth Magee (author, poet, storyteller)
  • Millsaps Choir
  • Power APAC High School
  • Todd Smith (magician)
  • St. Andrew’s Choir

UMMC offers several settings for creative performance, including:

  • Main lobby of University Hospital (indoor)
  • Children’s Rainbow Garden (outdoor)
  • Wiser Cafeteria (indoor)
  • Children’s Activity Rooms (indoor)
  • Student Union Courtyard (outdoor)

Share your talent

The Office of Patient Experience is always looking for talented artists to participate in our Healing Arts program. If you would like to perform, please complete this Healing Arts Performer Request Form.

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