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Pre-Catheterization Instructions

University Heart specialists have put together a list of instructions for patients undergoing cardiac catheterization procedures at University Heart. They include:

  • Do not take diuretics on the day of the procedure. Generic names of common diuretics include furosemide, spironolactone and hydrochlorothiazide (this medicine is also combined with other medicines – lisinopril, for example – for blood pressure control). If you take a combination medicine with a diuretic in it, confirm with the outpatient nurse coordinator whether you should take it before your procedure.
  • Confirm with your physician or medical professional how long to stay off your blood thinner (generic name is warfarin) at least three days before your procedure.
  • Do not take metformin the night before the procedure, the day of the procedure or for two days after procedure.
  • Do not take other oral hypoglycemics, your “blood sugar pills,” the day of procedure. That includes the generic glyburide.
  • If you take insulin injections, give yourself only half the normal dose the night before the procedure and none on the day of the procedure.
  • Unless indicated, you can take aspirin or the generic clopidogrel bisulfate.
If you have any questions regarding instructions, contact the outpatient nurse coordinator at (601) 815-6006.