Center for Maternal and Fetal Care

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Our Care Team

Depending on your medical needs and the services offered at the Center for Fetal-Maternal Medicine, you may meet with a variety of specialists who come together to provide a comprehensive care plan for you and your baby.

Maternal-fetal medicine


  • Phyllis Anfanger, RN, RDMS
  • Abbey Bourne, RDCS
  • Joanne Turner, RN, RDMS
  • Kimberly Walton, RDCS
  • Wylinda Washington, RN, RDMS


Fetal cardiology

Fetal cardiac sonographers

  • Hope Rimmer, ARDCS
  • Elizabeth Bush, ARDCS

Pediatric cardiovascular surgery

Pediatric cardiac intensive care (PICU)

Pediatric craniofacial and plastic surgery

  • Ian Hoppe, MD
  • Glenda Phillips, RN - Craniofacial RN Care Coordinator

Pediatric ENT

Pediatric neurosurgery

Pediatric urology

Pediatric surgery

Pediatric orthopaedics

Pediatric anesthesia

Pediatric radiology

Fetal radiology

Genetic counseling

Palliative care