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  • Application Deadlines

    Bachelor’s programs

    The Traditional BSN program begins once annually; new students in this program typically begin in late-May. The Accelerated BSN program admits once in the fall for the Oxford campus and once in the spring for the Jackson campus. Oxford students begin in August, and Jackson students begin in January. The RN-BSN program offers continuous enrollment, meaning that students in this program begin in the spring, summer and fall semesters.

    Master’s programs

    The RN-MSN program for associate-degree RNs admits students one time per year; with a late-May or early-June start date, this program’s application deadline is Feb. 15 each year. The MSN and Post-MSN programs have varying application deadlines and start dates. Typically, the nurse practitioner tracks only admit new students in August, and the application deadline is March 31. For the online Nurse Educator and Nursing and Health Care Administrator tracks, because they offer continuous enrollment, students may begin in the spring, summer or fall semesters.

    Doctoral programs

    The DNP program, which begins in August each year, only admits one time annually; the application deadline is March 31 for both post-master’s and post-baccalaureate applicants. The PhD in Nursing program admits twice annually, once in the spring and again in the fall. The application deadlines are June 1 and October 1, respectively.

    For a list of graduate contacts, please click here.

    Deadlines for programs that begin in the summer

    Traditional BSN: January 15

    MSN: February 15

    RN-BSN: February 15

    Post-MSN: February 15

    RN-MSN: February 15

    Deadlines for programs that begin in the fall

    Accelerated BSN
    Oxford: February 15

    DNP Early-Entry:
    February 15

    MSN: March 31

    Post-master's DNP:
    March 31

    Post-MSN: March 31

    RN-BSN: May 1

    Post-baccalaureate DNP
    (BSN-DNP): March 31

    PhD in Nursing: June 1

    Deadlines for programs that begin in the spring

    Accelerated BSN
    Jackson: September 1

    MSN: October 15

    PhD in Nursing: October 1

    Post-MSN: October 15

    RN-BSN: October 15

    Additional deadlines

    • BSN Freshman Early Entry: November 1
    • RN-MSN Early Entry: February 15
      (for students who began their ADN program in the fall)
    • RN-MSN Early Entry: August 31
      (for students who began their ADN program in the spring)