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RN-BSN Plan of Study

The following are examples of plans of study for the RN-BSN program. Plans of study may differ based on faculty and clinical resources and necessary curriculum changes. Each student will have an acceptable plan of study tailored to meet individual needs. The plan of study may be developed to reflect a flexible program pace. To be considered full time, the student must be registered for at least 12 hours during a semester.

View the plan of study below to see a detailed list of courses needed for the online RN-BSN program.

RN-BSN Plan of Study (26 core course credit hours plus 4 elective credit hours)
1st Semester2nd Semester3rd Semester
N421 - Transitions and Trends in Professional Nursing (3)N432 - Introduction to Professional Writing (3)N461 - Management and Leadership Practicum (3)
N406 - Health Assessment (2)N428 - Nursing Research (3)N528 - Leadership and Management (3)
N407 - Pathophysiology (3)N462 - Professional Role Enactment (2)N431 - Patient Safety and Quality Improvement (2)
N408 - Health Promotion in Populations (2)Elective* (2)
(Choose from Elective list below.)
Elective* (2)
(Choose from Elective list below.)

N438 - Essentials of Wound Care (2)
N440 - Politics, Policy and Nursing (2) - not offered for Summer 2020 and Fall 2020
N441 - Statistical Methods for Research (3)
N454 - Interpretation of Lab Values (2)
N459 - Introduction to Pain Management (2)
N466 - Legal Issues in Nursing (2)

  • (number is parentheses) indicates number of semester hours
  • All courses are taught each and every semester, spring-summer-fall
  • N421 MUST be taken during first semester and is a pre-requisite to N432 and N462
    • After successful completion of N421 (Transitions and Trends in Professional Nursing), students will be awarded 32 hours of validation credit, applicable toward hours required for the BSN degree, for other nursing courses (taken in an associate or diploma program) equitable to UMMC School of Nursing courses. Students must complete 30 hours as a student enrolled in the School of Nursing.
  • N461 MUST be taken during last semester
  • The curriculum is flexible. You may take up to four courses as you like each semester, in any sequence, as long as N421 is taken first and N461 is taken last. You may only take more than four courses with the Program Director's permission.
  • N461 has a clinical component; you must work with a preceptor for 40 hours. You may complete the preceptor hours with a qualified and approved preceptor of your choice at any facility with which UMMC has a contract. Most hospitals and clinics in Mississippi have such contracts in place.