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MSN Tracks

Whether you are seeking a successful nursing career in practice, education or administration, the MSN program at the University of Mississippi School of Nursing is the right choice for you. The nationally ranked School of Nursing delivers schedule flexibility, high pass rates on national certification exams, low tuition costs and a reputation for quality graduate education.

The School of Nursing offers seven areas of emphasis within the master's program; post-graduate certificates are also available in these areas. The coursework for each track is accessible and predominantly online and hybrid. Flexible plans of study are available and are designed with your career, family and life in mind.




Nursing Education and Instruction Concentration

The UMMC School of Nursing offers a concentration in Nursing Education and Instruction (NEI) for graduate level programs/tracks, with the exception of the Nurse Educator track. The NEI concentration is a pathway that combines learning theory and evaluation with teaching strategies. This concentration could be used for those who work in nursing staff development or who may want to enable preparation for a faculty role in the future. You will be introduced to concepts in nursing curriculum and evaluation, education, simulation, informatics and scholarship. The MSN with a concentration in Nursing Education and Instruction plans of study comprise these additional courses.

Nursing Education and Instruction Concentration
CourseNameCredit Hours
N 613Foundations of Nurse Educator Role and Teaching Methods3
N 616-1Curriculum and Program Development and Evaluation3
N 613-1Simulation in Nursing Education1
N 615-1Educational Technology and Health Care Informatics3

Those pursuing a degree with a concentration in NEI may qualify for NFLP funds.