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DAISY Student Nurse Award Nomination

The DAISY Student Nurse Award is designed to remind students, even on the hardest days in nursing school, why you want to be a nurse. By recognizing students for the above-and-beyond care and compassion shown to patients and their families, we celebrate what it truly means to be a nurse. We honor the nurse-patient connection that makes all the difference to patients and families in their healthcare experience and that makes great nurses truly great.

Notice to nominators: Please know that your nomination story will be shared with the nominee and could be shared during the presentation of the DAISY award, on the DAISY Foundation website, on the School of Nursing website and/or other public venues. Please do not include any information you would not like shared.

I would like to nominate *  (student's full name) from the UMMC School of Nursing as a deserving recipient of The DAISY Student Nurse Award.
Please describe a situation or story involving the UMMC School of Nursing student you are nominating that clearly demonstrates how he/she meets the criteria for The DAISY Student Nurse Award. *
Although there are no specific criteria for nomination, some of the characteristics the selection committee will consider are behaviors exemplifying the UMMC School of Nursing core values of:

Respect: consideration and thoughtfulness with regard to others;
Excellence: the quality of being outstanding and superior;
Accountability: responsible to somebody and for something;
Diversity: intentional inclusion of psychological, physical and social differences of others; and,
Integrity: steadfastly adhering to principles of professional standards.
Thank you for taking time to thank your University of Mississippi School of Nursing student nurse!
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