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Welcome to the Student Affairs home page for the University of Mississippi Medical Center School of Nursing!

It is our mission at the SON to 'develop nurse leaders and improve health within and beyond Mississippi through excellence in education, research, practice and service.'

The role of student affairs is to support the work of faculty and students in creating and becoming nurse leaders.

Our student affairs program managers for recruitment and admissions work hard to provide a seamless and barrier free road to admission. Our admission counselor helps prospective students determine where they are in preparation for admission and helps them to navigate the admission process. She serves as a liaison with the Office of Enrollment Management and the Admission Committee.

Our project manager for recruitment is responsible for cultivating relationships with prospective students. The recruiter is responsible for maintaining our presence in the community through our participation in outreach events and publications, as well as our on-line presence through our web and social media sites.

Our Director of Student Life helps to build an enriching environment for students. She coordinates all organizations and student government. She assists students with financial aid and scholarships. She organizes and carries out all ceremonies and celebrations. She serves as an important resource for student success by helping students to connect with needed services related to academic support, financial aid, counseling, and other campus services.

Our Self-Care Instructor serves to advance the well-being of students and to promote the practice of self-care through curriculum, our self-care lab, and through a variety of lectures and activities aimed at student and professional well-being practices.

Our education administrators serve to assist students in answering questions, connecting with student affairs staff, and in serving students and prospective students through their work with the student affairs leadership team.

This Office of Student Affairs aims to support all of the student affairs team in creating and maintaining a student experience that is supportive and enriching, that adds to student success and the success of the SON mission of creating nurse leaders.

We welcome student ideas and feedback, and hope you will make it a point to interact with the student affairs team throughout your experience in the School of Nursing. We always want to know how we can improve the student experience. 

Office of Student Affairs
School of Nursing
The University of Mississippi Medical Center
2500 North State Street
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