SON Preceptors

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Preceptor Responsibilities

  • The preceptor is responsible for being with the student during their clinical rotation or to assure that the student is under the supervision of another qualified preceptor;
  • Collaborate and negotiate times, dates and appropriate clinical experiences with the student;
  • Review with the student all pertinent¬†unit/agency policies, procedures and standards;
  • Provide daily feedback and/or evaluation, balancing positive and constructive criticism comments;
  • Progressively delegates patient care responsibilities¬†to the student, while retaining responsibility¬†for the care of the patient;
  • Document and report immediately to faculty members any unprofessional behavior or breach of contract by the student; and,
  • Communicates with the SON faculty regarding student progress in a timely manner and contributes information to the faculty for the student's evaluation.

Time requirements will vary depending upon the course and background experience of the student. The student can be assigned clinical experiences on days, evening and on weekends.

In order for our students to work with a preceptor at any location, a Clinical Education Placement Agreement is required.

The preceptor will be asked to complete a Preceptor Agreement form. Along with this form, a current copy of the preceptor's license and certification will need to be provided.

If you are interested in establishing a Clinical Education Placement Agreement with the School of Nursing, please contact Chazah Carter.