PhD in Nursing Science

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  • Post-Baccalaureate PhD

    Offering a unique learning environment available only to students on an academic health science campus, the University of Mississippi Medical Center’s PhD in Nursing Science program is the state’s preeminent doctoral nursing program. Delivering individualized, flexible plans of study, including a new post-baccalaureate entry point, the PhD program requires limited on-campus time. Furthermore, PhD students enjoy academic-practice partnerships and the hospital-to-community clinical research opportunities afforded to them by an academic health science center.

    For bachelor’s-prepared RNs, the post-baccalaureate entry to the PhD in Nursing Science program is a streamlined, affordable way to earn the field’s most coveted and competitive degree by bypassing the master’s degree. Tailored plans of study and customizable research trajectories enrich students’ learning experiences and allow them to form long-lasting relationships and networks with a cadre of faculty scholars.