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  • UMMC Campus Police Department

    The University of Mississippi Medical Center has its own police force. State law, Chapter 105 of the Mississippi Code Annotated 1972, grants UMMC police the power to enforce traffic rules and general criminal laws of the state.  

    The department works in conjunction with law enforcement authorities, including the Jackson Police Department and the Hinds County Sheriff's department. Our mission is to provide a safe and secure environment with 24-hour assistance that allows patients, visitors, employees, students, volunteers and others to deliver or receive quality services, free of fear and threats for their personal safety and property.

    Who to contact

    UMMC Chief of Police 
    (601) 984-1363
    (601) 815-3072
    A campus police escort is available at night and on weekends. To request the service, call (601) 815-3072 or contact one of the officers on duty.

    About us

    The UMMC Campus Police Department uses advanced equipment and techniques for crime prevention and to carry out a number of programs and services to promote safety and security. State law grants UMMC police the power to enforce general criminal laws of the state and traffic rules. Officers are certified in compliance with state law to assist them in providing effective campus security. The department works in conjunction with local law enforcement authorities. The department has a zero-tolerance policy on crime.

    Campus police makes campus crimes public. This information is made available to the news media and is published monthly in This Week, a campus publication. Each month the department releases a summary of reported crimes. These reports include monthly and school-year totals of rape, assault, burglary, drunk driving, drug offenses and other crimes. The department uses Automated Records System (ARMS) to maintain an accurate report of campus crime statistics. Updated crime stats are available 24 hours a day seven days a week. Stop by the campus police trailer #14 to view the monthly activity log. 

    Campus police officers provide 24-hour assistance to students, employees, patients and campus visitors. All reports of criminal activity will be handled and investigated in an appropriate and professional manner. Headquartersis located in trailer #14 in front of the Hardy Building on Peach Tree Street.