Group of male and female UMMC medical staff from the orthopedics departments pose in front of a nurses’  station.
Female Lanier high school students stand in line to see a retired ambulance that was refitted to serve as a stationary simulation lab.
Male associate pharmacology professor fills a test tube with liquid in a UMMC research lab.
Group of female medical interpreters pose in a UMMC lobby.
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Office of Diversity and Inclusion

HEEDHP award logo.jpgThe Office of Diversity and Inclusion (ODI) guides strategies for integrating diversity and promoting excellence into UMMC’s three mission areas – education, research and health care.

We foster a climate of inclusion throughout our workforce and student body, where respect for different points of views, backgrounds, and cultures are seen as strengths that enable the entire academic health center to benefit from each individual’s unique talent and perspective.

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What are Diversity and Inclusion?

Female data science student poses in front of Translational Research Center


We collaborate with schools, departments, and programs to support strategies designed to increase enrollment, recruitment and retention of diverse individuals who demonstrate academic excellence and those with unique talents and abilities which complement the academic setting.

Male doctor prepares injections to give to female patient

Health Care

We partner with leaders to build and sustain a diverse and competent health care workforce which is essential to ensuring a rich and fully empowered health system; and treating the diverse populations we serve.

A female research conducts laboratory tests


We strive to develop culturally competent researchers and study investigators to improve understanding on how factors such as gender, ethnicity, genetic information, and lifestyle choices impede positive health outcomes.