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UMMC GWIMS Rising Star Award (Early-Career)

The Rising Star Award's purpose is to acknowledge women faculty in the UMMC Schools who have achieved significant accomplishments early in her career. Such an individual has great potential to significantly impact women, as well as the larger community, as evidenced by previous involvement in and commitment to activities within the institution and/or community.

The candidate must exhibit evidence of:

  • Success as a role model for women faculty, non-faculty, trainees and students
  • Demonstrates leadership at the university or regional level (i.e. development of clinic work, educational effort, manuscripts, committees, etc.)
  • Participation in committees to further develop leadership skills
  • Professional excellence in the individual's career
  • Effort to influence or institute a positive cultural change regarding the careers of women faculty, non-faculty and staff members on the UMMC campus
  • Shown a steadfast commitment to enhanced collaboration and productive relationships with faculty and staff at all levels of the UMMC organization
  • Worked to create a respectful environment for education, patient care and/or activities through a collaborative systems approach


Open to UMMC women faculty at the level of assistant professor or equivalent (basic science or clinical positions) in the UMMC Schools.

To self-nominate or to nominate a well-deserving individual, return the following required information:

  • Completed nomination form
  • Nominee's current curriculum vitae
  • Up to two (2) letters of recommendation are preferred, but not required

Submit all awards materials to