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Our Vision

mind---vision.jpgIt was long believed that memory impairment was a natural part of aging. Thanks to modern brain research, we now know that significant memory loss and related cognitive impairments are caused from diseases - not normal aging. The research being performed at UMMC and elsewhere is steadily adding to our understanding of the aging brain and closing in on more effective treatments for Alzheimer's and related diseases. As the U.S. undergoes a rapid expansion in its elderly population, the need for improved care and more effective treatments will become ever more acute.

To better understand the complexities of the human brain and the diseases that affect it, the MIND Center is assembling a world-class team of neuroscientists and utilizing state-of-the-art methods to accelerate the pace of discovery for the underlying causes and treatments for Alzheimer's and related dementias.

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Key goals

  • Identify the major risk factors for dementia.
  • Develop new diagnostic techniques for early diagnosis.
  • Identify the factors underlying disparities in dementia.
  • Identifying new treatments that may slow or even prevent dementia.