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Motor Vehicle Safety for Young Drivers

Many motor vehicle crashes are preventable and there are proven strategies that can improve the safety of teens on the road. Our staff offers the Mississippi Youth Highway Safety Program, which includes presentations and tools to combat motor vehicle crash injuries and fatalities.

Our team hosts teen driving activities statewide, focusing on speeding, seat belt use, distracted driving, and impaired driving. Services include classroom presentations, mock crash demos, and “Survive the Drive” campaigns for prom and football season.

A driving simulator allows teens to practice driving in hazardous situations as well potentially risky scenarios (distracted driving or impaired driving) in a safe environment. The computerized simulator is used in conjunction with classroom training to allow participants to demonstrate what they have learned, ultimately increasing learning retention.

The Mississippi Youth Highway Safety Program is funded by the Mississippi Office of Highway Safety.

Driver’s IMPACT

Through our association with Safe Kids Mississippi, we partner with Mississippi Safety Services to provide training for teens who have been court appointed to attend defensive driving class. The course includes curriculum from the National Safety Council, plus mock trauma demonstrations, tours of the emergency room and helicopter pad, and testimonies from first responders and crash survivors. The students are reminded of the power of their choices from behind the wheel and as a passenger.

For information about programs for teen drivers, call (601) 815-6212 or send email to Tawni Basden at