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Children's Safety and Community Outreach Services

Children’s Safety and Community Outreach is part of Emergency Services at Children's of Mississippi. Our programs show parents and caregivers ways to prevent accidents and injuries in children from newborns to 19 years old. We cover safety in homes and cars, on roads, and during sports and play activities.

Our goal is to increase child safety awareness across the state. Reaching this goal could not be accomplished without the help of federal, state, and community partners that share our common interest in community health education.

Learn from experienced child safety professionals

Our staff includes certified child passenger safety instructors who educate parents, caregivers, law enforcement, and first responders on proper child car seat installation. The instructors also host certification courses and CEU opportunities statewide for child passenger safety technicians.

Our outreach programs include:

  • Kohl’s Care Fit Kids | Nutrition and Exercise
  • Safe Kids Mississippi | Injury Prevention
  • Motor Vehicle Safety for Young Drivers
  • Newborn Safety Education

Contact Us

For more information about our programs, please contact us at (601) 815-6212, or send email to