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UMMC Police and Public Safety Department

The UMMC Police and Public Safety Department is responsible for preserving the public peace and maintenance of order, prevent crimes, protection of life and property, lending aid and assistance to patients, visitors, students, and staff.

Personnel are tasked with enforcement of all the rules and regulations of the Medical Center, statutes of the State of Mississippi, and the United States of America within the jurisdictional boundaries of the Medical Center pursuant to Section 37-101-15 of the Mississippi Code of 1972, annotated.

Department headquarters are located on the second floor of the Alumni Building.

When dialing from a campus phone

Emergency911 from a campus phone
Non-emergency(601) 984-1360
Dispatch(601) 815-3072
Lost and Found(601) 984-1360

When dialing from a cell phone

Emergency(601) 815-7777
Non-emergency(601) 984-1360

Report suspicious behavior promptly to Police

All reports of criminal activity will be handled and investigated in an appropriate and professional manner. In addition to crime prevention, the department carries out a number of programs and services promoting safety and security. They include:

  • Police escort
    Police escorts are available at night and on weekends. To request the service, call Police at (601) 984-1360 (ext. 41360) or contact one of the Police officers on duty.
  • Public information
    The UMMC Police and Public Safety Department reports crime statistics for offenses occurring on the campus of UMMC. Pursuant to the Jeanne Clery Act, the department publishes a monthly summary of criminal offenses which can be viewed at the UMMC Police headquarters or by visiting the UMMC Police website.
  • Crime prevention
    Classes Upon request. Police will provide crime prevention education on many security-related topics.
  • Lost and found
    Police and Security maintains the lost and found property. Property may be claimed or turned in by contacting Police at (601) 984-1360 or stopping by the Campus Police headquarters 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.