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Pilot Projects Program

The Mississippi Center of Excellence in Perinatal Research COBRE will provide funding for up to 4 junior investigators per year for pilot projects in perinatal research that encompasses the study of disease states that may occur during gestation and early post-natal development and that result in long-term consequences in the mother and offspring across their lifespan. Funding will be $35,000 to $40,000 per year.

Studies may focus on areas of basic and clinical research to include adverse pregnancy, pregnancy outcomes and developmental programming of cardiovascular, renal, metabolic and behavioral diseases.

Full grants will be required (components required below) and will be evaluated by the Internal Advisory Committee and other researchers in the MS CEPR. Final evaluation of the potential projects will be submitted to the External Advisory Committee members for the evaluation. Criteria for evaluation will be standard NIH R01 criteria (PHS398 forms). 

For an application to be complete, the following must be included in the submission: