Kidney Transplant

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Post-Transplant Care (Kidney)

In the first few months after transplantation, patients return to University Transplant for frequent checkups. We'll review the medications that must be taken to prevent rejection of the new kidney, monitor kidney function, address any symptoms, and answer any questions. We also work closely with each patient's local physician(s) who will play an active role in recovery. As the patient's condition stabilizes, the frequency of clinic visits will gradually decrease.

Clinic visit guidelines

  • Bring all medications, medication card, record sheet, and something to drink.
  • Do not take your morning dose of tacrolimus until your blood is drawn. Take all other morning medicines before coming to the clinic.
  • Bring a 24-hour urine sample when instructed.
  • You will be interviewed by the clinic nurse. Tell the nurse all your concerns, problems, and prescription refill needs, and make a list of questions to ask.
  • If you cannot keep your appointment, call the transplant office at (601) 984-5065 to reschedule.
  • Keep the transplant office informed of address or phone number changes.
  • Please notify your transplant coordinator of any hospitalizations or illness.

Call the transplant office if...

  • Your phone number or address changes.
  • You have questions about medications, diet, activity, or other concerns.
  • You will run out of medicine before your next clinic visit.
  • You have symptoms of rejection or infection.
  • You are seen by another doctor, including any emergency room visits.
If you need immediate attention, use the 24-hour contact number and ask for the renal fellow doctor on call: (601) 984-1001.