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Emergency Radiology

The University of Mississippi Medical Center emergency radiology service collaborates with the full spectrum of subspecialty radiologists to provide comprehensive consultations and imaging interpretations for all patients who need emergency imaging throughout the University of Mississippi Medical Center and its affiliated institutions.

This includes patients in our Level I trauma center, the only such facility in the state; RapidTrack Minor Care; adult and pediatric emergency rooms; and critically ill or injured adult and pediatric patients who are already admitted to the hospital, as well as patients being treated at Lexington's Holmes County Hospital and Clinics, Simpson General and Select Specialty hospitals.

Emergency and trauma imaging is staffed 24 hours per day, working closely with the emergency department, trauma team and other referring providers to select the most appropriate imaging study and ensure it is completed promptly and interpreted accurately. We are always available, a few steps away from the ER doctors’ desk, to provide emergency interpretation on any imaging study.

Patient safety is very important to us, and we work with our CT imaging specialists to progressively reduce radiation doses in our emergency CT scans. This is an ongoing responsibility that we all take quite seriously.