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Center for Integrative Health Advisory Board

The CIH Advisory Board consists of a group of professional members who share a common vision of improving the health of our fellow Mississippians by empowering them to make targeted lifestyle changes. CIH Advisory Board members participate in quarterly meetings throughout the year with CIH providers and other invited guests. The responsibilities of the CIH Advisory Board includes creating and implementing strategic goals and plans that will promote integrative healthcare in Mississippi, as well as advance the services CIH has to offer to patients and community members.   

CIH Advisory Board Members:

Brynn Graham, LAc

Elena Dent, PhD, RDN, LDN, CDCES

Emily Cobb (Student Representative)

Kathryn Rodenmeyer, APR

Kimberly Bibb, MD

Matthew Morris, PhD

Veronica Carullo, MD