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A wide variety of group interventions for children and adults are available at the Center for Integrative Health. These groups combine different specialities and disciplines to provide a comprehensive approach toward learning how to improve overall health and wellness. See below for this month's group schedule:


  • Mind Your Health - explores various topics (i.e., sleep, nutrition, movement, mindfulness, resiliency) on how to improve overall health and wellness.
  • Mindful Eating - A 5 week series which focuses on changing your relationship with food by applying a mindful approach towards your eating habits and choices.
  • emPOWER - 7-week pediatric weight management group that combines health education with active participation in exercise in the areas of strength, balance, coordination and flexibility.                                
  • Aquatic Group - A 6-week aquatic exercise group led by our Physical Therapist incorporating cardiovascular, strength and flexibility exercises that are easy on your joints. The group takes place in a pool ranging in depth from 3' to 4.5'. Ability to swim is not required!                                                    
  • Core Group - A 4-week Pilates mat class led by our Physical Therapist focusing on core stability as well as flexibility to help decrease pain and improve functional mobility. 
  • Restorative Healing Group - This group is designed to ENGAGE participants who have a desire to improve both their emotional and physical health. The group is facilitated jointly by a clinical psychologist and a physical therapist.  The aim of this group is to EMPOWER participants to modify their response to adverse circumstances through education, psychotherapeutic intervention, and mindful movement.  The hope is that through this restorative healing process, participants can EVOLVE to a life of wellness.
  • Adult Yoga - This is a recurring drop-in class focused on the foundations of yoga. We will build confidence in basic postures and practice breathing techniques to strengthen mindfulness on and off of the yoga mat. Every activity and fitness level are capable of participating in this class as well as new participants in yoga or established practitioners.
  • Kids YogaA 6-week series that will encourage kids to move and stretch. This group will include modifications designed to help kids manage chronic pain. We will focus on balance, strength, breathing and self-calming tools. It will be playful while providing an opportunity for movement exploration. This class will be suitable for a wide range of school-age children. Older children may inquire to join the adult class as needed.


To sign up, please call or email Diana Jimenez Gonzalez.
You may also complete an interest form, located here.