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Tyler Rolland

(612) 518-3785


SUNY Buffalo, Buffalo, NY | Aug. 2020-Present

  • Doctoral student and candidate for degree in the Department of Physiology and Biophysics
  • Coursework: Biomedical research, physiology, immunology, cardiology, cardiovascular physiology
  • Expected graduation: Summer 2025
  • GPA: 4.0/4.0

Mayo Clinic, Rochester, MN | Sep. 2018-May 2021

  • Post-baccalaureate student and candidate for employee’s masters
  • Coursework: Biomedical research, molecular pharmacology and experimental therapeutics, biomedical entrepreneurship
  • GPA: 3.7/4.0

Carleton College, Northfield, MN | Sep. 2014-Jun. 2018

  • B.A. degree, Biology Major
  • Concentration in Biochemistry, Pre-Medical studies
  • Coursework: Calculus I & II, Biology, Chemistry, Spanish, Psychology, Physics

Ecology in Australia, East Coast, AU | Jan. 2017-Mar. 2017

  • Carleton Off Campus Studies Program
  • Coursework: Biology and Ecology Research
  • Research Project: Reef Ecosystem Ecology and Behavioral Game Theory

London School of Economics, London, UK | Jan. 2016-Mar. 2016

  • Carleton Off Campus Studies Program
  • Coursework: Political Sciences


University at Buffalo, CTRC
Physiology & Cardiovascular Medicine, Dr. Brian Weil | May 2021-Present

  • Investigated immunological activation of tissue resident and circulating mononuclear cells
  • Researched activation of cardiac fibroblasts in response to cardiac injury
  • Conducted independent large animal catheter lab procedures to implement HFpEF, AMI, and SCA injury models
  • Compiled research to write manuscripts for peer review and apply to grant funding
    • Assisted in securing ~$10 million in NIH funding

University at Buffalo, JSMBS
Biomedical Engineering, Dr. Anirban Dutta | Nov.-Dec. 2021

  • Engineered neuronal tracking hardware and analysis software for the assessment of iPSC derived neuron activation from patients with schizophrenia
  • Led transfection studies to validate and knock-in protein expression to rescue phenotypes
  • Solidified knowledge of microbiology techniques including bacterial culture, transformation, and amplification of DNA products

University at Buffalo, SEAS
Chemical and Biological Engineering, Dr. Sriram Neelamegham | Sep.-Nov. 2021

  • Engineered MSC-barcoding lentiviral system for in vivo cell tracking and post-hoc genomic tracking
  • Conducted independent small animal biodistribution model and subsequent biosafety studies
  • Conducted isolation of gDNA for the preparation of Next Generation Sequencing

Mayo Clinic, Center for Regenerative Medicine
Cardiovascular Regenerative Medicine, Dr. Atta Behfar | Aug. 2018-May 2021

  • Researched muscle regeneration in the fields of cardiology, and OB-GYN
  • Researched neuron regeneration and proliferation
  • Conducted independent studies on engineering designer exosome therapeutics
  • Participated in catheter lab procedures on large animal models to study the effects of heart attack and heart failure
  • Compiled research to write manuscripts for peer review

University of Minnesota, Department of Neurosurgery
Epilepsy Localization - Dr. David Darrow | Mar. 2017-Sep. 2017

  • Researched the state of the field in epilepsy data collection and analysis
  • Constructed a time-synced data collection method to be used with ECoG, and EEG
  • Coded neuropsychological tasks to administer to patients
  • Set up transfer entropy analysis between collection nodes using MATLAB

Protean Construction Products - Adhesive Research | Dec. 2016

  • Researched epoxy and urethane adhesives focusing on bond strength, cure speed and volatile organic compound content
  • Conducted experiments to find optimal adhesive for wall panel systems
  • Analyzed data to optimize markets
  • Constructed standardized queries to find future opportunities for business

Ralstoniasolanacearum Research Lab - Dr. Raka Mitra | Sep.-Nov. 2016

  • Researched the effect of the wilt pathogen to Nicotiana benthamiana
  • Conducted experiments to find localization of effector proteins secreted by the TTSS
  • Conducted analysis of SKWP2 which is the only known nuclear localized effector, but lacks a nuclear localization sequence


Admissions and Accepted Student Ambassador
PhD Program of Biomedical Sciences, SUNY Buffalo | Dec. 2021-Present

  • Aided in admissions tasks and conducted interviews with prospective students
  • Served as a research and personal life mentor to accepted students

2021 Cohort Ambassador
PhD Program of Biomedical Sciences, SUNY Buffalo | Aug. 2021-June 2022

  • Served as class ambassador representing our cohort of 20 students
  • Advocated for changes to program curriculum and class events

Academic Advisory Committee, Football, Carleton College | Sep. 2015-Jun. 2018

  • Advisor to freshmen players regarding classwork and time management
  • Tutor to freshmen players in the fields of Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics and Spanish

Baseball, Carleton College | Jan. 2015-May 2018

  • Captain
  • Member of the team as a pitcher
  • Spent 25 hrs./wk. in season and 10 hrs./wk. out of season training and conditioning

Football, Carleton College | Aug. 2014-Nov. 2017

  • Considered one of the Senior leaders on the team
  • Spent 35 hrs./wk. in season and 10 hrs./wk. out of season training and conditioning
  • All-MIAC Sportsmanship Team (2017)
  • All-MIAC Honorable- Mention (2016)

Teaching Experience

Cardiovascular Physiology Seminar
SUNY Buffalo, Buffalo, NY Jan. 2022-Present

  • Created journal club and research seminar for students and members of the department to attend
  • Led and facilitated scientific discussions on research findings and current literature
  • Served as administrative and teaching assistant in the formation of the seminar as a formal course at SUNY Buffalo


SUNY Buffalo, Buffalo, NY | 2021-Present

  • Alex Fees, M1 MD Student, Cath lab procedures, Blood Analysis, Cardiac CT scan interpretation
  • Rosy Zel, Master Student, ELISA and qPCR
  • Samantha Spinella, Master Student, Image analysis
  • Dorcas Nsumbu, Master Student, IHC, Cell culture, blood work
  • Sumbule Zahra, Undergraduate, Blood work, Animal Care, ICC/IHC, Cell culture, qPCR, and ELISA
  • Daniel Cuccinota, Undergraduate, Blood work, Animal Care, ICC/IHC, Cell culture, qPCR, and ELISA
  • Tulio Caldonazo, MD Research Exchange Fellow, Image analysis, Post-mortem tissue processing and sample collection

Mayo Clinic, Rochester, MN | 2019-2021

  • Keenan Moore, Undergraduate student, Stem Cell Transfection Studies
  • Parisa Kargaran, PhD, IHC and Image Analysis
  • Colleen Miller, MD OBGYN Research Fellow, IHC, Image Analysis, Cell Culture


InSciEd Out, Mayo Clinic, Rochester, MN  | Mar. 2019-Present

  • Discussed research and medical ethics with elementary and middle school students
  • Dedicated time to lead education and outreach to students in the Rochester community
  • Assist with conducting novel research with students through guided discussion

American Physician Scientist Association Chapter Jan. 2019-Present | Mayo Clinic, Rochester, MN

  • Lead a committee on community outreach
  • Lead a committee on biomedical entrepreneurship
  • Assisted planning and setting up a regional conference in Rochester, MN

Summer Student Mentor, Mayo Clinic, Rochester, MN | May 2019-Aug. 2020

  • Discussed research plan and lead a undergraduate student through a research project
  • Taught basic lab techniques and protocols
  • Served as a biomedical research mentor in an independent research project

Carleton Athletic Academic Advisory Committee | Sep. 2016-Jun. 2018
Carleton College, Northfield, MN

  • Mentored incoming freshmen and underclassmen in transitioning to collegiate coursework
  • Tutored students in subjects related to Spanish, math, biology, and chemistry
  • Managed meetings with large groups to discuss academics and school-life balance

Northfield Community Football Coach, Northfield, MN | Sep.-Nov. 2017

  • Interacted with 3rd and 4th grade athletes twice a week for 7 weeks
  • Coached the young athletes in technique and teamwork
  • Directed drills and games for students to hone their skills

Ted Mullins, Hour of Power Fundraiser, Northfield, MN | Oct. 2016, Oct. 2017

  • Recruited assistance to man fundraising events
  • Collected money to contribute to the fund for studying for sarcoma
  • Spread information and raise awareness about the sarcoma

Greenvale Elementary School Spanish Teacher, Northfield, MN | Sep.-Nov. 2015

  • Interacted with native Spanish speaking students
  • Translated English speaking substitutes to students who only spoke Spanish
  • Assessed mathematic abilities of 3rd grade students who were native Spanish speakers

Northfield Hospitals and Clinics, Northfield, MN | Sep. 2015-Jun. 2018

  • Assisted with everyday conditions of the Center of Sports and Rehabilitation
  • Greeted patients and assisted patients to their appointments

Northfield Community Action Project, Northfield, MN | Aug. 2014-2017

  • Assisted in helping the Northfield Homeless Shelter pack Christmas gifts

Shadowing Experience

Cardiac Interventionist Observation, Mayo Clinic Rochester, MN | Aug. 2018-May 2021

  • Observed various cardiac interventions and diagnostic catheter laboratory procedures
  • Observed transplant consultations and considerations to receive organ donations
  • Followed patients over the duration of their stay

Cardiovascular Surgery Observation, Regions, St Paul, MN | Jan. 2015

  • Observed a Carotid Artery Endarterectomy
  • Made rounds to check up on surgeon’s patients both pre/post-operation

Orthopedic Surgery Observation, Twin Cities Orthopedic, Burnsville, MN | Nov. 2012-Mar. 2013

  • Observed multiple surgeries on the hip, shoulder, elbow and knee
  • Spent three months observing in the surgery room as well as taking extensive notes in pre/post-operation appointments
  • Observed in settings of emergency and walk–in appointments


Ikumi, Rolland, et al, 2020 "Administration of Purified Exosomes in a Rat Sciatic Nerve Reverse Autograph Model" Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery (Accepted)

Li, Rolland, et al, 2020 "Brachyury Engineers Cardiac Repair Competent Stem Cells" Stem Cells Translational Medicine (Accepted)

Kisby, Rolland, et al, 2020 "Exosome Vaginal Tissue Regeneration in a Porcine Mesh Exposure Model" JAMA (Accepted)

Kisby, Rolland, et al, 2020 "Exosome Muscle Regeneration in a Porcine Model of Anal Sphincter Injury" AJOG (Accepted)

Rolland, et al, 2022 "Utilization of Purified Exosome Product as a Cell-free Regenerative Platform for Skeletal Muscle Regeneration" Science Translational Medicine (Accepted Aug. 2022)

Livia, Rolland, et al, 2022 " EXOSOME MEDIATED CARDIOPROTECTION IN ACUTE MYOCARDIAL INFARCTION" JACC Conference 2021 (Abstract Accepted for Poster)

Rolland, et al, 2022 "Utilization of Purified Exosome Product as a Cell-free Regenerative Platform for Skeletal Muscle Regeneration" Science Translational Medicine (Accepted Aug. 2022)

Rolland and Weil 2022 "ICOBA, a highly customizable iterative ImageJ macro for optimization of image co-localization batch analysis" Methods Journal TBD (In Review)


AHA Scientific Sessions | Nov. 2022

  • Accepted poster presentation
  • Tyler Rolland, Alex Fees, Brian Weil "Overestimation of the Ischemic Area-at-Risk Despite Partial Resolution of Myocardial Edema Twenty-Four Hours After Myocardial Infarction in Swine"

Mayo Clinic Symposium on Regenerative Medicine & Surgery | Nov. 2021

  • Accepted poster presentation
  • Tyler Rolland, Raman Deep Singh, Skylar Rizzo,…Emannual Trabuco, and Atta Behfar "Exosome Bio-potentiated Hydrogel Restores Skeletal Muscle Function in Stress Urinary Incontinence"
AUGS Pelvic Floor Disorder Week 2020 Oral Presentations | Oct. 2020
  • Three accepted oral presentations
  • Rolland, TJ, Trabuco, EC "Cell-Free Regenerative Platform to Repair Volumetric Muscle Loss Model"
  • Rolland, TJ, Trabuco, EC "Cell-Free Regenerative Platform to Repair Stress Urinary Incontinence"
  • Rolland, TJ, Trabuco, EC "Cell-Free Regenerative Platform to Induce Myoblast Proliferation and Skeletal Muscle Differentiation"

Mayo Clinic Symposium on Regenerative Medicine & Surgery | Nov. 2018

  • Accepted poster presentation
  • Tyler Rolland, Mark Li, Raman Deep Singh, Andre Terzic, and Atta Behfar "Novel Approach of Engineering Cardiopoiesis in Adipose-derived Mesenchymal Stem Cells using M3RNA platform"
  • Received second place in the Translational Medicine category