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Josie Silvaroli

Columbus, OH

(440) 897-8510


2020 – Present
The Ohio State University
Doctor of Philosophy, Pharmaceutics and Pharmacology
Columbus, Ohio 

2015 – 2019
Case Western Reserve University
Bachelor of Science, Chemistry
Cleveland, Ohio

2013 – 2015
Lakeland Community College
Associate of Applied Science, Biotechnology
Kirtland, Ohio


2020 – Present
Ohio State University, Navjot Pabla
Columbus, Ohio
Graduate Research Associate

Research focused on studying molecular pathways that are causal for acute kidney injury as well as potential therapeutic targets

  • Study protein expression and stability in various models of AKI
  • Generate novel transgenic mice and use established mouse AKI model to understand molecular pathways involved in pathogenesis.
2015 – 2019
Case Western Reserve University, Marcin Golczak
Cleveland, Ohio
Research Assistant II

Research focused on delineating vitamin A metabolism pathways within the visual cycle.

  • Conducted research project focused on determining protein confirmations, and kinetic parameters with different ligands.
  • Established a high-throughput screening methodology that allowed for determining interactions for cellular retinol-binding proteins.
2013 – 2015
Lakeland Community College
Kirtland, Ohio
Chemistry Student Lab Assistant
  • Analyze chemical compounds using instruments such as IR, NMR
  • Help a diverse group of students in understanding lab material


Jan 2022 – Dec 2023

American Heart Association Predoctoral Fellowship

"The role of Cdkl5 in DNA damage response and acute kidney injury"


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  13. PATENT: Marcin Bernard Golczak, Josie Ann Silvaroli. Cellular retinoid binding protein antagonists and uses thereof, U.S. Patent App. Serial No. 15734781 Published 2021/7/29.
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Josie A. Silvaroli, Ji Young Kim, Navjot Pabla. Role of off-target Ferrochelatase Inhibition in vemurafenib nephrotoxicity. American Society of Nephrology. Nov. 2021. (Oral presentation)


Josie A. Sivaroli, Yuntao Bai, Ji Young Kim, Laura A. Jayne, Megha Gandhi, Kevin M. Huang, Veronika Sander, Jason Prosek, Kenar D. Jhaveri, Sharyn D. Baker, Alex Sparreboom, Amandeep Bajwa, Navjot Singh Pabla. Nephrotoxicity of the Braf-kinase inhibitor vemurafenib is driven by off-target ferrochelatase inhibition. Presented at: College of Pharmacy Research Day, OSU, 2021 (Virtual Poster presentation)


Josie A. Silvaroli, Eric D. Eisenmann, Dominique Garrison, Alex Sparreboom, Sharyn D. Baker. Evaluating the impact of antifungal agents on OATP1B1. Divisions of Pharmaceutics and Pharmacology Scientific Virtual Retreat, OSU. 2020. (Virtual Poster presentation)


Josie A. Silvaroli, William S. Blaner, Marcin Golczak. CRBP2 reveals binding affinity for endocannabinoid ligands not related with vitamin A metabolism. Presented at: Pharmacology Symposium, Kalahari, Ohio. 2017. (Poster presentation)


2018 – Scholarship, Iota Sigma Pi Frank Hovorka Prize, CWRU

2018 – Scholarship, The Outstanding Junior Award of Art and Sciences, CWRU

2016 – Scholarship, The Carl F. Prutton Prize, CWRU

2014 – Chemical Technician Certificate, LCC

2013 – Award, Outstanding Chemistry Student, LCC 2013 Scholarship, Lakeland Community College’s Board of Trustees Scholarship, LCC


2021 – Present Phi Kappa Phi Invited Member

2021 – Present American Society of Nephrology Member

2021 – Present American Heart Association Member


2022 – Present
Generation RX (COSI)
Teach and design creative activities for children to learn about medication safety and as well as about the science behind medicine working in our bodies

Charitable Pharmacy of Central Ohio
Assisted physicians during patient examinations by confirming medicine recommendations and counseled patients on new medications with preceptor supervision

2019 – 2020
Helping Hands and Wellness Center
Quickly filled prescriptions and ensured accuracy for dispensing and organized medications


Undergraduate Students (Mentor):

Matthew Pleshinger – BS candidate, Youngstown State University (SU 2016)
• Currently a PhD Candidate in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology at Case Western Reserve University

Samantha Horwitz – BS candidate (Major Chemistry), Kent State University (SU 2018)
• Currently a PhD Candidate in Biochemistry at Emory College

Bhavya Girotra – BS Candidate (Major BSPS) (AU 2021- SU 2022)

Highschool Student (Mentor):

Randy Radiarta – (AU 2018 – SPR 2019)
• Currently a BS candidate (Major Civil and Environmental Engineering) at Case Western Reserve University

Medical Student (Mentor):

Thomas Trischman – M.D. Candidate, Case Western Reserve University (AU 2018 – SP 2019)
• Currently doing a Residency in Dermatology at the Mayo Clinic