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Donate Toys and Supplies

We at Children’s of Mississippi have already begun preparing for the upcoming holiday season. 

Should your plans include helping our sweet patients and families again, we have several giving options for showing your support:  

Give Immediately:  

We would love for you to consider donating to our Child Life or Children’s of Mississippi Family Assistance Funds. When requested items are not readily available, these funds allow our child life and social work teams to purchase those items our patients and families need immediately. Please visit Use the “Designation” menu box to choose “Children’s of Mississippi Family Assistance Fund” or “Other” and type in Child Life.  

Shop Online: 

Check out our Walmart List and Amazon Wish List (toys and essentials). These wish lists contain items our patients need frequently. 

Deliver Items:  

Holiday Donation Week will be December 12-16. To ensure your items have the chance to be included in our annual Santa Bag delivery, they must be received by 4 p.m.  Friday, December 16. Information regarding Holiday Donation Week is listed below.

Important: If you plan to deliver your donations during Holiday Donation Week, please email us at or call us at 601-984-1101 so we may send you detailed drop-off information and maps. 

 Holiday Donations – Drop Off Information  

  • Donations will need to be brought to the Kathy and Joe Sanderson Tower (map)
  • If you would like a tax receipt for your donation, please fill out our In Kind Donation Form and bring the completed form with you when dropping off your items. 
  • Below is a list of our current needs to give you some good ideas of what our patients ask for most. 
  • Please do not wrap donations or make “goodie bags.” Because every patient’s condition and needs are unique, we will be forced to unwrap/unpack donations to ensure appropriateness. 
  • Personal delivery of gifts and/or donations directly to patients is not permitted.
  • Santa and his elves will be finished packing up his sleigh full of toys on Friday, Dec. 16. If you would like your donation to be included, please deliver prior to Friday, December 16. 

Please note:  

  • In accordance with Infection Control policies and the University of Mississippi Medical Center guidelines, there are a few things we cannot accept or hand out to patients in our care: 

             o USED items (even gently used) 

             o Religious items, or items that include religious references 

             o Toy guns or violent video games/movies 

             o Candy 

             o Latex balloons 

             o Gift Cards 

             o “Ride-On-Top” toys, such as bikes, scooters, pogo sticks 

             o Toy kitchen sets/appliances

Here are items that we consistently need and use:  

  • Arts and crafts supplies (Crayons, markers, Play-Doh, coloring books, etc.) 
  • Baby/infant/toddler toys 
  • Barbie/baby dolls (all races) 
  • Small prize toys (Legos, Hot Wheels, pop-its, bubbles, fidget spinners, etc.) 
  • Card games (Uno, Phase 10, matching games, etc.) 
  • Hygiene products (for all ages, race, and gender) 
  • School aged toys 
  • Toys for adolescents (please no gaming consoles)


If you have any questions, call (601) 213-8054, or email