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In-Kind Donations

Thank you for your interest in donating to Children's of Mississippi! Gifts In-Kind are used in various places throughout the hospital, including the child life activity rooms, emergency rooms, waiting areas, and clinics. We are so grateful for your kindness and generosity. Please know that our patients and their families join us in gratitude for your time and gifts.

Ways to donate

Let us shop for you:

  • Make an online monetary donation to our Growing Campaign. Children’s of Mississippi has launched a capital campaign to fund dramatic enhancements to the state’s only hospital for children, to help every child in Mississippi reach their full potential. The modern medical advances taking place every day at Children’s have outgrown the current hospital, which was not designed to support the level of care Children’s now provides. The Growing campaign will fund the construction of a new hospital building and a dramatic renovation of the existing space. The new facilities will support Children’s of Mississippi world-class doctors and staff and the already excellent level of care they provide. Most importantly, this project will help save the lives and improve the health of Mississippi’s children. Growing. So they can grow.

Do the shopping yourself:

Other giving options:

Please note

  • Do not wrap donations.
  • In accordance with Infection Control policies and Children’s of Mississippi guidelines, there are a few things we cannot accept:
    • USED items (even gently used)
    • Religious items, or items that include religious references
    • Stuffed animals
    • Toy weapons or violent video games/movies
    • Candy
    • Latex balloons
    • Food and gas gift cards over $15
    • VISA, Mastercard, American Express gift cards. If you are interested in making a monetary donation please consider making an online monetary donation at 
    • "Ride-On-Top" toys, such as bikes, scooters, pogo sticks
  • Personal delivery of gifts and/or donations directly to patients is not permitted. If you would like to visit with our patients please contact our Child Life Department: (601) 984-2110, or

If you have any questions, please contact (601) 213-8054 or