Telehealth for Providers

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Telehealth for Providers

Are you a health care provider? Give your patients access to specialty care right in your clinic or hospital with UMMC Telehealth.

Connect to the future of health care with UMMC Telehealth. When your clinic or hospital contracts with us, you give your patients online specialty care backed by Mississippi’s only academic medical center, right in your own community. This kind of access to specialized treatment can make it possible for patients who might not otherwise be able to seek care. It’s also convenient, keeping patients close to home — and close to the care you provide.

Available services

UMMC Telehealth offers expert specialty care—providing access to vital services often not available in rural communities.

Emergency medicine training

UMMC Emergency Medicine providers train staff at community hospitals as part of the UMMC Telehealth Emergency Medicine program. We'll train nurse practitioners on how to use the telehealth equipment and how to perform certain emergency medical procedures. 

  • For more information on training, contact Sarah Tillman at or (601) 815-1787. 

Clinical training

UMMC specialists provide consultation, training, and support to educate providers, hospitals, and medical centers on how to successfully grow their telehealth programs.

Find out how UMMC Telehealth can help you provide expert specialty care, right in your community. Email us at or call (601) 815-2020.