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About Critical Care

Critical care, or intensive care, is the specialized management of patients with life-threatening conditions requiring around-the-clock monitoring and support of specific body functions, such as respiratory, heart, vascular, and other organs and systems.

The UMMC difference

The Wallace Conerly Critical Care Hospital at UMMC houses four intensive care units (ICU). Each ICU has access to board-certified intensivists 24 hours a day and a specialized team to manage patients with diagnoses including trauma, sepsis, shock, respiratory failure, cardiac diseases and surgeries, stroke, and traumatic brain injuries.

The Wallace Conerly Critical Care Hospital also houses a bone marrow transplant unit with a specialized staff that provides state-of-the-art care for patients suffering from hematologic malignancies.

UMMC Telehealth provides additional patient monitoring through electronic ICU (eICU), a remote monitoring center staffed by experienced ICU nurses and board-certified critical care providers.

UMMC also has specialized ICUs for babies and children.

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Critical Care at UMMC