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ICU Room Preparation Checklist and Processes

Last update: March 17, 2020


Room designation 

  • Patient Room – HOT ROOM
  • Negative pressure anteroom  (or hallway if no anteroom) – WARM ROOM
  • Hallway – COLD ROOM

Hot room supply checklist

  • One canister of gray top wipes
  • One canister of orange top wipes
  • One canister of purple top wipes
  • One disposable stethoscope in room
  • One disposable thermometer in room
  • Replace all black trash bags with red biohazard trash bags
  • Move ICU bed into Cold Room in preparation to go pick up patient
  • Assign dedicated nurse and warm room assistant
  • Label patient room with lime green sticker
  • Decrease room temperature
  • Remove patient/guest recliner
  • Place isolation signage
  • Evaluate need for telehealth and place communication device if available
  • Ensure respiratory has prepared room with oxygen source, ventilator, etc., as needed

Warm room supply checklist

  • Place isolation signage
  • Place PAPR checklist
  • Place donning/doffing signage
  • Ante room entrance logs
  • Small biohazard bags for labs
  • Small paper bags for storage of used N95 masks
  • Box of regular N95
  • Box of small N95
  • Three packs of gowns
  • Box of small, medium, large gloves
  • Five face shields
  • Two tall biohazard trash bins
  • Red biohazard trash bags
  • Biohazard bag for Glidescope stylet
  • One canister of grey top wipes
  • One canister of orange top wipes
  • One canister of purple top wipes

Cold room supply checklist

  • PPE station
  • Staff entrance log
  • Small paper bags for storage of used N95 mask


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