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CMV-Safe Cellular Blood Products

Last update: March 20, 2020
  • Amicco logo patch.pngll cellular blood products (RBCs and platelets) at UMMC are leukocyte reduced, so there is no need to order CMV-negative blood products.
  • Prestorage leukocyte reduced blood products have been shown to have an equivalent risk of transmitting CMV as products labeled as CMV-negative, and are therefore considered to be “CMV-safe.”
  • CMV lives in monocytes, which are removed in the leukoreduction process; however, there can be a small amount of virus in the plasma.
  • Serology is used to identify donors who are CMV-seronegative; however, there is a relatively long window period during which the testing will be negative, but the virus can be present.
  • Because of this equivalent risk, numerous academic institutions across the country that practice universal leukoreduction no longer allow for the ordering of CMV-negative blood products.
  • UMMC has implemented this policy, and CMV-negative blood products will no longer be supplied.


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