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Children's Surgery Guidelines

Having a surgery can be a confusing time for both the young patient, family members and friends. The compassionate staff at Batson Children’s Hospital wants to help you have a positive hospital experience by providing basic information and general guidelines.

Surgery day

On the morning of surgery, check in at the appointed time with the pediatric registration on the ground floor of Batson Children’s Hospital. After registration, you will be directed to the ambulatory surgery unit (ASU) on the sixth floor.

If you must cancel your child’s surgery, notify the ASU and your surgeon. The ASU can be reached from 5:30 a.m.-7:30 p.m. at (601) 815-5452. You also should notify your surgeon of any illness, cold, sore throat, fever or changes in the condition for which your child is having surgery.

Foods and medicines

The purpose of these instructions is to ensure the safety of your child. If anesthesia is given to a child with solid food in her stomach, there is a chance the child may vomit and choke on the contents. Milk curdles in the stomach and acts as a solid food. Parents should watch children closely to ensure they do not “sneak” something to eat. No solid food, formula or milk after midnight the night before surgery. It is a good idea to give a regular feeding late in the evening, but not after midnight.

  • Do not eat or drink in front of your child as he may not understand the reasons he cannot do the same.
  • Do not give your child any herbal medicines. Give your child only the medicines your doctor has prescribed for the morning of the surgery.
  • Clear liquids
    • Water, sugar water, apple juice or Pedialyte is allowed until 4 a.m. unless specific instructions are given.
  • Breast milk
    • If your child is younger than 1 year old, breast milk is allowed up to four hours prior to the scheduled surgery time. For those older than 1, breast milk is allowed up to eight hours before the scheduled surgery time.


  • If your child is having outpatient surgery, please dress him in loose-fitting, comfortable clothes. We recommend sweat pants or pants with an elasticized waist for patients having surgery for the abdomen or groin area and button-up shirts for those having surgery on eyes, nose, ears or mouth.
  • Any glasses, hearing aids, contact lenses, hairpins and combs will be removed before surgery. The ASU will not be responsible for storing or securing these items.
  • Children should not wear make-up or nail polish.

During surgery

One or two adult family members or caregivers may accompany the patient. Please remain in the waiting rooms provided. Standing or sitting in the hallways is not permitted. Family members and visitors are not allowed to eat or drink in the waiting rooms as a consideration for patients waiting for surgery.

Visiting hours

General visiting hours are 9 a.m.-9 p.m., but parents are encouraged to stay 24 hours a day. No children may visit during school hours, and all visitors under age 16 will be screened by nurses for infection control. Please remember the hospital has limited waiting space.

Cell phones

Cell phones can be used within Batson Children’s Hospital, except where signs specifically prohibit their use. For the comfort of our patients, please place your phone on silent while in hospital corridors.


Batson Children’s Hospital provides a tobacco-free environment for the health and safety of our patients, families and employees. Smoking or use of tobacco products is prohibited in all buildings and on the grounds of the University of Mississippi Medical Center.

Outpatient discharge

Two adults must accompany a child home after outpatient surgery. No more than two adults – and no children – should be present.


Visitors may park in parking garages A or B or in lot C for a minimal cost. Discount parking passes may be purchased at the University Hospital accounts payable office or at obstetrics receiving at Wiser Hospital for Women & Infants. Parking is free at the Veterans Stadium lot across from University Hospital, and a shuttle bus provides free transportation to and from the lot to various UMMC locations.

On the day of your child’s surgery, you may bring your parking stub to be validated for free parking. Validation is only for the patient’s parents/guardians and only on the day of surgery.