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Children's Cardiac Anesthesiology

A team of specially trained cardiac anesthesiologists at Children's of Mississippi cares for young patients with heart defects or disease. Extensive training in pediatrics, cardiology and anesthesiology allows us to provide continuity of cardiac care while keeping your child comfortable during heart surgeries and tests.

Children may need anesthesia any time they have a painful procedure or need to stay very still for detailed heart tests. Our team administers medication to ensure your child is asleep, feels no pain and has no memory of the surgery, procedure or test. While your child is asleep, we carefully and constantly monitor important body functions, such as blood pressure, temperature and more, while paying special attention to the heart. We are with your child before, during and after surgery to monitor the medication and help him "wake up."

We specialize in delivering compassionate care while making your child as comfortable as possible. This helps children feel more comfortable, calm and still.


Our pediatric team provides anesthesia services for:

  • Congenital heart defect surgery
  • Cardiac catheterization and intervention
  • Cardiac MRI and CT scan
  • Cardiac echocardiogram (ECHO) with sedation