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Joey Granger, PhD

Granger, Joey.jpg

Billy S. Guyton Distinguished Professor
Professor of Physiology and Medicine
Director, Cardiovascular-Renal Research Center
Dean, School of Graduate Studies in the Health Sciences
Office: G451; (601) 984-1821
Lab: G355; 601) 984-1811

Areas of expertise

  • General: Renal and cardiovascular physiology.
  • Specific: Renal mechanisms of hypertension, pregnancy-induced hypertension, nitric oxide and endothelin biology; pressure-natriuresis mechanisms; role of interstitial hydrostatic pressure in volume regulation.


Chronic instrumentation of animals for long-term cardiovascular and renal studies; animal models: dog, rat and rabbit; general molecular biology and immunohistochemistry; renal microcirculatory techniques.

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