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Geriatrics Fellowship

Scott Gibson, MD
Scott Gibson, MD

The geriatric fellowship program is structured to provide geriatric training and clinical experiences to two trainees annually who have completed a three-year ACGME-accredited internal medicine or family medicine residency.

During the 12-month period, geriatric medicine fellows participate in several rotations, which have special relevance to the aging process, including long-term care, palliative/hospice care, geriatric psychiatry, physical rehabilitation, inpatient geriatric service and continuity clinics. Fellows also have ambulatory months focusing on movement disorders, urinary incontinence, osteoporosis, dermatology and wound care.

A UMMC specialty niche which provides training for the fellows is the MIND Center (Memory Impairment Neurodegenerative Dementia) clinics. All fellows participate in evaluating and treating patients with dementia in the MIND Center.

The geriatric fellowship program was accredited in 2009 and has graduated seven outstanding fellows, two of whom are UMMC faculty presently.