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SOM Faculty Affairs


The mission of the UMMC Office of Faculty Affairs is to champion faculty vitality through recruitment, integration, development and advancement across the faculty life cycle.


In July 2009, the UMMC vice chancellor and dean established the Office of Faculty Affairs. The Office of Faculty Affairs and the associate dean for faculty affairs assist institutional leaders in the development and enactment of policies and programs that advance the academic missions of teaching, research and clinical care.

The Office of Faculty Affairs conducts its work by:

  • Facilitating dialogue, debate and communication on emerging issues and challenges to SOM faculty;
  • Developing and implementing effective policies and strategies;
  • Fostering faculty professionalism and institutional policies and practices and career pathways;
  • Encouraging research and scholarship relevant to faculty and institutional policies and practices, including measuring and analyzing outcomes of faculty vitality;
  • Collaborating with SOM dean's groups, campus leaders, councils and constituencies to create synergy that contributes to SOM faculty vitality and a thriving institution.