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Important Contact Information

School of Graduate Studies in the Health Sciences

Name, Title



Dr. Sydney Murphy,

(601) 984-1195

School of Graduate Studies in the Health Sciences - N146
Dr. Audra Schaefer, Associate Dean for Academic

(601) 984-1206 

Dr. Hanna Broome, Associate Dean for Student Affairs and Recruitment, Chief Student Affairs Officer of the Office of Student

(601) 984-1195

Shanna Moulds, Director of Business

(601) 984-1632

Jessie Bowman, Project

(601) 984-1199

Melody Turner, Program

(601) 984-1204 

Andrea Love, Administrative

(601) 984-1195

Campus Police

Emergency911 (from campus phone)

(601) 815-7777 (from cell phone) 

5-3072 (from campus phone)

(601) 984-1360 (from cell phone) 
Alumni House, second floor
Escorts to parking lot at night and on weekends(601) 984-1360 (from cell phone)

Student Health

Student and Employee Health(601) 984-1185N136
Student Assistance Program (TELUS Health (formerly LifeWorks))1-844-664-0379
Student Counseling and Wellness Center(601) 815-1136H-50A

Academics and Student Life

Rowland Medical Library(601) 984-1231Learning Resource Center, 2nd floor
Student Union601-984-1756
Bookstore(601) 984-10901st floor of Student Union

Assistance Offices

Academic Affairs Website For Students


Learning Resource Center (LRC)
Student Accounting and Insurance(601) 984-10602nd floor LRC, Suite U125
Enrollment Management (Registrar)(601) 984-10802nd floor LRC, Suite U121
Student Financial Aid(601) 984-11172nd floor LRC, Suite U121
Student Success(601) 815-42332nd floor LRC, Suite U155-A
DIS (Technology Help Desk)(601) 984-1145(no physical location on campus)
Office of International Services(601) 984-1125Student Apartments AE-012
Office of Diversity and Inclusion(601) 815-5340Alumni House, Room 319


Mistreatment/Title IX Reporting(601) 815-5150
Student Comments/Complaints