Volunteers for the EversCare Food Pantry during the Christmas season of 2023


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EversCare Clinic

The University of Mississippi Medical Center (UMMC) Ambulatory EversCare Clinic is housed at the Jackson Medical Mall and is part of the Myrlie Evers-Williams Institute for the Elimination of Health Disparities. Our mission in EversCare is to improve the overall patient health outcomes by integrating health care with supportive social health services in order to address and ameliorate health care disparities.

For this reason, patients in every region of the state, are eligible for services, physician care, specialized treatments and services offered, including the EversCare Food Pantry.

EversCare addresses our patient’s social determinants of health needs, including food insecurity, housing, education, literacy, personal safety, and transportation at UMMC by connecting them with the resources that can improve their quality of life and enhance health outcomes.

EversCare uses a patient-centered approach to meet three primary objectives:

  • Optimize patient care by addressing how social factors affect health outcomes;
  • Connect patients with external social resources; and
  • Provide patient navigation services tailored to each individual and/or family.

If you are a UMMC patient and would like to see how we can assist your social needs, please have your provider refer you over to EversCare by placing a referral, calling our office at (601) 815-3535 or emailing EversCare@umc.edu.