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Mission and Goals

Our goal is to integrate quality care, ground-breaking research, and innovative, multidisciplinary educational programs.Mission

The University of Mississippi Medical Center seeks to be recognized nationally for exceptional patient care and leading basic science, translational, clinical and population-based research focused on improving outcomes in the treatment of brain and nervous system injury and disease.

The academic medical center's Neuroscience Institute further seeks to be recognized for its leadership in neuroscience education by developing curricula and training programs that provide a comprehensive and cohesive multidisciplinary learning experence for medical students, graduate students, nursing, physical and occupatinal therapists, residents, postdoctoral fellows and other health care professionals.


The long-term goals for the Neuro Institute include:

  • To improve access to needed health care services in nervous system health and disease for Mississippi residents; 
  • To improve the cost-effectiveness and quality of care for neurologic and psychiatric disorders delivered by UMMC through improvements in patient care management and throughput; and 
  • To embrace the evolutionary nature of academic medicine and organizational design, demonstrating and building upon early successes through a focused approach. The value derived from the Neuro Institute's activities is expected to extend beyond merely those program areas initially included as priorities, and reflect halo impacts both within the realm of neurosciences at UMMC and more broadly across the organization.