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Research Facilities

UMMC offers access to several research facilities to support our investigators.

Outpatient Clinical Trial Unit

Located in the University Rehabilitation building, the Outpatient Clinical Trial unit offers four private exam rooms and lab processing space.

Clinical Trial and Research Unit

With expected completion in summer 2019, the UMMC Clinical Trial and Research Unit is located on the seventh floor of the adult University Hospital. The CTRU will offer 22 private beds, office and computer space for research teams, research pharmacy services, lab services and meal services.

Pediatric Clinical Trial Unit

Located on the second floor of the adult University Hospital, the Pediatric Clinical Trial Unit includes four private exam rooms equipped with pediatric equipment and resources.

UMMC Biobank

The UMMC Biobank has dedicated biorepository specialists for consenting patients and specimen processing. Our consent allows access to historical and future clinical data through the electronic health record (EHR) to facilitate in-depth translational research. Samples collected include whole blood, serum, plasma, white blood cells, tumor and normal tissue.