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Opportunities at UMMC

Are you a design professional or construction contractor looking to work on the UMMC campus?  You're in the right place! If you're an individual looking for employment opportunities at UMMC, click here.

Capital projects on the UMMC campus that are over $1 million require formal board approval by the State of Mississippi Institutions of Higher Learning (IHL). When UMMC has approval, a RFQ (Request for Qualifications) will be issued for architectural and engineering professional services. These RFQs are advertised in the local Jackson, MS, newspaper, The Clarion-Ledger; you can also click here.

All individuals, firms and corporations seeking to provide professional services for design and construction projects under $1 million must complete a Professional Profile Form; these forms are available through Joanna Ragan at the PDC Office, or email us.

Any construction project with a budget over $50,000 will be competitively bid. These projects will be advertised in the local Jackson newspaper, The Clarion-Ledger.