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Egg and Sperm Donor Therapy

Third-party reproduction options

For some people, using their own eggs, uterus, or sperm is not an option. This can be from either social conditions or medical conditions that result in an early loss of eggs, sperm, or a uterus incapable of carrying a pregnancy. It can also be due to medical conditions in the female that make pregnancy too high-risk for maternal or fetal complications.

In these cases, treatment options include:

  • Donor egg
  • Donor sperm
  • Donor embryo
  • Gestational carrier

Donor egg therapy fee estimates

The following information is an approximation of Donor Egg Cycle charges effective January 2019.
(Fees are subject to change without notice.)
Coordination for donor/recipient$1,000
IVF lab charges
(Oocyte processing, fertilization, culture, prep for transfer and cryopreservation, up to a total of four transfers.)
Embryo transfer and frozen embryo transfer
(As needed to achieve a successful pregnancy, up to a total of four transfers.)
Total Fee for Recipient Couple in a Donor Egg Cycle$8,000

Other expenses:

  • Donor egg bank fees: The cost of the donated eggs will vary based on your selection; most patients can expect to pay approximately $16,000 for a batch of eggs from their selected donor. Visit (External Site) for more information.
  • Cryo fees: The initial fee for IVF lab procedures includes cryopreserving (freezing) any unused embryos. This fee also includes storage for one year. After one year, embryos will be transferred to an off-site facility for long-term storage.
  • Pre-cycle screening: Prior to initiating treatments, you will be screened for problems that may impact your chances for success as a recipient. This screening includes blood work and an in-office hysteroscopy procedure. Payments for these tests are not part of the prepayment. These procedures will be paid for on the date that services are rendered, or you may pay the co-pay or co-insurance amount on the day of the visit, based on your insurance plan and coverage.

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