Oculoplastic Surgery

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Eye Trauma

The eyelids and the bones and tissue around the eyes can be damaged by any form trauma. Urgent medical and ophthalmologic care is needed to assess the health and integrity of the eye as well as the need for plastic and reconstructive surgery.

Any injury to the eye itself can threaten sight and should be evaluated and treated immediately to preserve vision.

Fractures of the orbital bones can lead to loss of vision, sight-threatening hemorrhage, double vision, and enophthalmos (sinking of the eye). Depending on the severity of the injury, treatment may require surgery to repair the fracture or relieve the orbital pressure.

Lacerations or avulsions (detachment) of the eyelids can prevent the eyelid from functioning appropriately and should be cleaned and repaired promptly. Injuries to the lacrimal system (tear ducts) may also occur and should be repaired with stents (tubes) to maintain proper function and prevent excessive tearing.