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Urologists at Children's of Mississippi, a part of University of Mississippi Medical Center, are specially trained to care for infants, children and adolescents with bladder, kidney and other urological disorders. Urogenital or genitourinary (GU) refers to the urinary and genital organs.

From their first visit (sometimes as newborns) until discharge, young patients and families encounter a supportive staff, including a board-certified specialist and nurse practitioner with advanced training dedicated to treating children’s problems, ranging from bed wetting to conditions that require complex surgical reconstruction.

A full range of services is offered, including, but not limited to, surgical repair and re-operations for hypospadias; congenital defects and abnormalities; and bladder disorders for children with spina bifida or exstrophy.

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Urology clinics

Patients are seen in urology clinics Mondays and Thursdays at the Eli Manning Clinics facility in Batson Children's Hospital. Wednesday clinics are devoted to youngsters with bed wetting/incontinence issues.

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At Children’s of Mississippi, our pediatric experts work together to complete a full circle of care for your child.

Children's Urology