Children's Rehabilitative Services

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Inpatient Admissions

Patients from Mississippi and surrounding states are admitted to Children's Rehabilitation Services (CRS) for either physical or medical rehabilitation. A physician, school, parent or other health care professional or agency can make referrals.

Diagnostic categories at the Children's Rehabilitation Services include, but are not limited to: trauma (traumatic brain, spinal cord or orthopedic injuries), cerebral palsy, myelomeningocele, developmental delay, and neuromuscular diseases. Specific reasons for admissions are:

  • Gait training
  • Physical rehabilitation
  • Communication program
  • Activities of daily living
  • Therapeutic feeding
  • Developmental intervention

Patients admitted for physical rehabilitation receive a minimum of three hours of intervention per day. This includes physical, occupational, recreational and speech therapies as well as educational instruction.

While the center is not a long-term or residential facility, it offers intensive periods of therapy with referrals to local services and detailed instruction to families for the continuation of therapy programs outside the hospital setting.

The length of a stay depends on a patient's condition, the specific reason for admission and the progress toward therapeutic goals with both the patient and the family. Staff conferences are conducted after the first week of treatment and evaluation. After the initial conference, all disciplines involved in caring for the patient meet every week to plan future treatment for the patient.

Upon discharge, patients and their families are given instruction in therapy programs for continuation at home. Referrals also are made to local community services, if necessary. Patients are scheduled for follow-up clinic when their progress is evaluated and programs are updated.

To refer a patient to the Children's Rehabilitation Services or to obtain information, contact the CRS medical director at (601) 984-2940.