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Radiology Interest Group

The Radiology Interest Group (RIG) was created to increase medical student interest and awareness of radiology. The group serves as the liaison for students that want to learn more about radiology and build a relationship with the department.

Typically, group meetings are comprised of around 50 students ranging from year one to year four of medical school and consist of an overview and hands on demonstrations.

For more information, contact one of the group's officers.

Faculty and Resident Advisors

  • Faculty/Fellow advisor - Dr. Charlotte Taylor
  • Resident advisor - Dr. Brandon Kelly

Diagnostic Radiology Interest Group

  • President - Charles Adcock
  • Vice president - Aaron Schwartz

Interventional Radiology Interest Group

  • President - Amir Khadivi

Women in Radiology Interest Group

  • President -┬áBonnie Moore
  • Vice President - Jordan Rimes

RIG Representatives

  • M4 reps - Abdullah Shaheen, Rana Gordji
  • M3 reps - Candise Johnson, Kirby Parker
  • M2 reps- Niki Patel, Khalid Manzoul

"We help medical students get their questions answered about radiology specialties, we discuss the benefits of the department, and we connect them with current radiology residents and faculty."

Matthew Clemons
Former RIG president