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Body Imaging Fellowship

The Department of Radiology and Division of Body Imaging at UMMC is seeking candidates for a one-year body imaging fellowship. We are most interested in a candidate who has a sincere interest in clinical excellence and a desire for academic growth with us. Leadership opportunities in each department are available and encouraged.


University of Mississippi Medical Center occupies a 164-acre tract of land in the heart of Jackson. With more than 9,300 employees, UMMC is the second largest employer in Mississippi. It has a $1.3 billion annual budget and enjoys strong support from the state of Mississippi. Despite the recent national recession, it has been on a robust growth curve with continuous development in all mission areas. The adult hospital is a 700-bed facility. UMMC is the sole Level 1 trauma center for the state and the only academic medical center in Mississippi. We have a growing solid organ transplant program.

Radiology and Body Imaging

The Department of Radiology is a full-service medical imaging provider with a staff of more than 35 specialty-trained radiologists supported by over 100 highly skilled technologists and support employees. The faculty and staff are dedicated to the highest quality medical imaging and patient care in an environment of outstanding educational and research opportunities.

The Body Imaging division features a dedicated group of health-care professionals committed to providing high-quality patient care, research and educational programs for our residents, medical students and colleagues. We are looking for a team player who will interpret body imaging studies and participate in tumor conferences and the call pool.

The clinical service offers the full range of diagnostic body imaging, including CT of the chest, abdomen and pelvis, MRI of the chest (non-cardiac), abdomen and pelvis, diagnostic ultrasound, and PET CT imaging. Most biopsies and procedures (other than thyroid FNAs) are handled by interventionalists. An internal ER radiology section handles overnight reads. We educate students, residents and fellows. We are committed to improving health care in Mississippi and around the world through imaging research and technology development.


Imaging facilities at the UMMC main campus feature state-of-art CT and MRI scanners, including:

  • Siemens 128 slice multidetector CT scanner dedicated to the Emergency Room
  • 3T Siemens Skyra MRI scanner

We have an active ultrasound section with a wide variety of patients, including ICU, pediatric and transplant (liver, kidney and pancreas) patients. An outpatient cancer care center at Jackson Medical Mall, located just over 1 mile from the main campus, houses:

  • 1.5 T GE MR scanner
  • GE VCT Discovery 690 PET CT scanner

The Grants Ferry and the Pavilion outpatient clinics host:

  • GE Light speed 16-slice scanner
  • GE VCT 64-slice scanner
  • Two 1.5T GE MR scanners

All studies are interpreted on Phillips PACS, and post-processing is performed on multiple different advanced imaging workstations. State-of-the-art voice recognition software is used for study dictation.

Nilda M. WilliamsFor more information

Nilda M. Williams, MD, is the program director for this fellowship. For more information, email program administrator Dejunia Giles

UMMC is an equal opportunity, affirmative action employer.