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2018John Burnett

John C. Burnett, Jr., MD
"The Heart as an Endocrine Organ: From Biology to Drug Discovery to the Bedside"

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2012Eric Olson

Eric Olson, PhD
"Heart Making and Heart Breaking: The Molecular Circuitry of Cardiac Development, Disease, and Regeneration"

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2010Oliver Smithies

Oliver Smithies, PhD
"Turning Pages: From Gels to Genes"

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2009Donald Lloyd-Jones

Donald M. Lloyd-Jones, MD
"Talking the Talk and Walking the Walk: How Can We REALLY Prevent CVD"

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2007Ananth Karumanchi

S. Ananth Karumanchi, MD
"Pathogenesis of Preeclampsia"

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2007Robert Eckel

Robert Eckel, MD
"Macronutrient Fuel Partitioning, Insulin Action, and Body Weight Regulation"

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2006James Roberts

James M. Roberts, MD
"Preeclampsia: The Major Cardiovascular Disease of Women of Reproductive Age"

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2004James Willerson

James T. Willerson, MD
"Stem Cells in the Potential Treatment of Heart Failure in Humans"

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2002Sanjiv Gambhir

Sanjiv Gambhir, MD, PhD
"Multimodality Molecular Imaging with Applications in Biology and Medicine"

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2001Paul Whelton

Paul K. Whelton, MD
"A Societal Response to the Worldwide Epidemic of Cardiovascular Disease"

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2001Victor Dzau

Victor J. Dzau, MD
"Genetic Manipulation of Cardiovascular Therapeutics: What are the Opportunities and Limits?"

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2000William Castelli

William P. Castelli, MD
"The Framingham Heart Study"

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2000Louis Ignarro

Louis J. Ignarro, PhD
"Nitric Oxide as a Unique Signaling Molecule in the Cardiovascular System"

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1999Judah Folkman

M. Judah Folkman, MD
"Cardiovascular Angiogenesis"

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1999Norman Kaplan

Norman Kaplan, MD
"The Role of the Kidney in Hypertension"

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1998Suzanne Oparil

Suzanne Oparil, MD
"Vasoprotective Effect of Estrogen"

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1997Michael DeBakey

Michael E. DeBakey, MD
"Patterns of Atherosclerosis"